COLOMBIA Monteblanco

pink bourbon - ext. cold fully washed
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  • species: Arabica
  • varietal: Pink bourbon
  • altitude: 1730 m.
  • harvest: Year round
  • process: Extended cold Fermentation Fully washed
  • region: Acevedo
  • producer: Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
ideal for filter coffee :
in: 15 grams

extended cold fermentation

This exciting coffee from Finca Monteblanco is fermented for an extended period in cold conditions to produce utterly unique flavors.   The sealed bags are placed in an industrial fridge to ferment at 10 to 14 degrees Celsius for 76 hours. The cold temperatures slow down microbial activity and allow fermentation to happen more slowly.


Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia is a third-generation coffee farmer at Finca Monteblanco. His grandfather began cultivating coffee here several decades ago and today, Rodrigo works to preserve the natural diversity and productivity of the farm.