COLOMBIA José Miller Gutierrez

castillo - anaerobic natural process
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  • species: Arabica
  • varietal: Castillo
  • altitude: 1800 m.
  • harvest: Year round
  • process: Anaerobic Natural process 
  • region: Tolima
  • producer: Jose Miller Gutierrez

ideal for filter coffee :
in: 15 grams

anaerobic natural process

Pickers selectively handpick ripe, red cherry and it’s processed on the farm. Once picked, workers sort through the cherry again to ensure only ripe cherry is processed. Selected cherry is placed in plastic bags and sealed so they can ferment anaerobically for 5 days. Following fermentation, cherry is placed in mechanical silos to dry. Temperature in the silos is carefully regulated and cherry dries slowly for 4 to 5 days.

Tolima region

Tolima is among the last strongholds of Colombia’s notorious rebels group FARC, which had maintained control of the area until relatively recently. Tolima has suffered in recent years from the fighting, which has made access difficult. Quality coffees from this area tend to come from small farmers in very small micro-lots via cooperatives.