How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Depending on your shipping address the duration can be anything from two days up to a few weeks. For exact durations visit our shipping policies page.


How can I cancel my Subscription? When are we sending out your subscription coffees?
We will send out your coffee every month on the date you purchased, e.g. you signed up for the monthly subscription on 12th October so that we will send out your coffee package every month on the 12th.

Which coffee will I be receiving?
Our subscriber coffees are curated and picked by our roast team. They choose two different coffees every month - paired well to showcase different flavour profiles.

What is the price difference to a regular coffee bag?
Our retail pricing for 250g bags starts at 11 EUR and goes up to 20 EUR.
When we select coffees for our monthly subscription, you will receive two coffees from our range. So your savings differ - the average will be around 25%. Savings are even higher when you pre-pay your subscription over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

I have just signed up for a subscription. When will it start?
Your subscription will start in the month of your purchase.

How can I adjust my subscription? 
Click on "Login" in the menu and enter your account. Click on the subscription manager on the left side to edit your data. You can change your address, pause and resume your subscription.

I am going on holiday. Can I pause my subscription?
You can manage your subscription easily. Click on "Login" in the menu and enter your account. Click on the subscription manager on the left side to enter the subscription overview. You can pause your subscription by changing the next shipping date to the next month you want to receive your coffee. 

Can I choose my subscription coffees by myself? 
If you want to get certain coffees, just drop us a line with your name and the coffees you would like to have for the next month.

How can I cancel my Subscription? 
Please write us a short message to webshop@thebarn.de, and we can support you. Furthermore, we need your feedback to improve our service, we would love you to include this directly.


Why do we have a webshop login?
In the login area, you can manage your order history, your subscription service or adjust your account details. 

How can I register?
You can create a new account during the checkout procedure, or you click on “Login” in the right upper corner of our website. Click now on “Sign In” and follow the instructions. Please make sure that you have access to your email inbox.

How can I log in?
Click on “Login” in the right upper corner of our website. You can log in with your email and password.

I forgot my E-Mail address for the Login.
No problem! Just drop us a line with your name, and we can send you your login-data.

How can I renew my password?
Click on “Login” in the right upper corner of our website. Insert your email and click on “Forgot your password?”. An automatically mail will be sent to your inbox. Follow the instructions in the mail.

How can I add a new address?
Click on “Login” in the right upper corner of our website. Log in with your email and password.
You can adjust your shipping address by clicking on “View addresses”.

What does “default address” mean?
Your default address is the address, which will automatically be chosen to ship your delivery to.

How can I logout?
Go to your login overview and click on “Log out” in the middle of the webpage.

What can I send back?
Have a look at our right of revocation. Please contact us at webshop@thebarn.de for any questions.

Can I send the equipment back?
Yes, you can. Please make sure that the original packaging of the product is complete and reusable.


How do you roast your coffee beans?
Our roast style is Nordic: We roast our coffees light to showcase clean flavours, terroir and the individual taste of each farm. Roasted gently to perfection so that every cup will be memorable and flavoursome. When we roast, we are not changing the natural taste of each coffee. Depending on origin, processing or varietal the coffees differ in taste or acidity level. Often times our coffees taste more fruity and aromatic than others.

Do you have different roast profiles for filter and espresso coffees?
All our roasts are light but fully developed. That makes our coffees taste so clean and flavoursome. We develop our espresso coffees a little bit more to make them work perfectly on all types of espresso machines. Our filter coffees we roast slightly shorter to bring out more delicate flavour notes.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods for regular orders: Apple Pay, PayPal and Credit Cards.
However, our subscriptions can only be paid by Credit Card.


How do your shops differ from each other?

Black Potion Coffee operates different retail concepts to showcase the fact that we are specialists in coffee, and to present our coffee in different contexts. We follow the neighbourhood and the needs of our target groups, always with the highest quality and a handmade approach in mind.

Do you have Wi-Fi in your cafés?
Generally, we prefer to offer spaces where people interact and communicate with each other, face to face. To cater for a growing need of communal spaces for the online community and people working on their laptops though, we provide free WI-FI at all our Cafés. We ask you to respect the laptop-free areas.

Can I enjoy your coffee at other cafés or cities?
We have partnered with many leading coffee shops worldwide. Please get in touch with us on wholesale@thebarn.de for a list of cafés in a specific area.


What is the best time to enjoy your coffee after roasting?
Coffee needs to rest after being roasted. To enjoy full flavours we recommend to start using our beans 2 weeks after roast date. In a sealed bag and with proper storage at room temperature, you can enjoy a wonderful cup 2 months after roast date. However, coffee does not get better after that period of time. All our coffees bags carry the roast date. We recommend sealing the coffee bag by using the zip so that the coffee won't be exposed to oxygen (which would accelerate ageing). All bags come with a one-sided valve so that the coffees can easily de-gas but won't let any oxygen in.

How much coffee can I make from your 250g bags?
A golden rule for brewing is a ratio of 65-70gr per litre. A 250ml (8.5oz) brew needs around 15-16 gr of coffee beans. That is around 15 brews per bag. Enough to get you through the day!

How do I prepare your coffee in the best way?
Our brew recipes give easy guidance for your homebrews on V60 (Drip), Chemex or Aeropress (French Press). You can find our Brew Recipes here.

Do you also sell pre-ground coffee online?
We believe in keeping our coffee as fresh as possible. If we would grind your coffee before sending it, most of the delicious flavours would escape more quickly! We strongly recommend grinding just before brewing your coffee. We offer some grinder options in the equipment section online.

Do you offer Decaf?
We have yet to find a decaf coffee that matches the quality of our non-decaf coffees.


Are your coffees from sustainable farming?
We are working with incredibly dedicated farmers growing some of the best coffees in the world. We pay for quality - the better the coffee, the more we pay. It's the only incentive to establish sustainability and quality. All our coffees are fresh in season and fully traceable.

Do you have a special relationship to the farms you buy coffee from?
For us, it is very important to know where the coffees we roast come from. Every year, we visit farms all over the world to see how they work. We are also proud to welcome some of our long-term partnering farmers to special events here in Berlin.

Are your coffees Fair Trade or Organic?
Unfortunately, Fair Trade has no incentive for quality. We often pay our farmers 3x of what Fair Trade would be paying, and more. Paying up for quality is the key incentive for sustainable farming. We also promise each farm not to blend their coffees and to promote their business - by putting their name on each of our coffee bags. Most organic coffee farms are only looking at one aspect: No chemicals. Which is an important factor, but there are many others: Labor has to be paid well. Water has to be recycled. Pristine forest and wildlife have to be looked after. Most importantly: There is rarely high cup quality in organic coffee. We look very closely at every farm we work with. In order not to discriminate those who are not certified organic - but do an awesome job - we have decided not to advertise for organic coffees.

How many different coffees do you offer?
Our coffee selection is very focused with a maximum of 10 to 14 coffees at a time. Throughout the different seasons, we run around 30 main coffees. We also present micro lots from new farms or micro-regions we are excited about.


I want to serve Black Potion Coffee. How do I get started?

We love to partner with quality people that appreciate our coffees as much as we do. Please get in touch with our wholesale team via this contact form.


How do I apply for a job?
We always look for talented and motivated people to join our team. We offer different job profiles and career opportunities. From food production, service, coffee making, roasting, coaching or marketing our coffees. A great entry point to gain work experience is one of our working student positions in e-commerce, marketing or sales. Please find all the information on how to apply here.