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NICARAGUA Finca aurora (kombucha fermented)
NICARAGUA Finca aurora (kombucha fermented)

NICARAGUA Finca aurora (kombucha fermented)

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Which legendary soccer club is located near our coffee producer? 

Caciques Diriangén - 1964

About this coffee

This unique Kombucha processing method uses black tea kombucha and SCOBY (the microbial starter for kombucha) to instill unique flavors into this Venecia lot.

Cherry is selectively handpicked and processed on the farm. Ripe, red cherry is floated to remove under ripes and damaged cherry and then pulped. Coffee is placed in a tank with black tea and a blended SCOBY. A new SCOBY will begin to form (it typically looks like a thick skin of clear jelly) on top of the fermenting coffee after about 2 days. The microbes in the SCOBY will consume sugars and release acids and flavor compounds into the fermenting coffee.  Employees carefully monitor pH, temperature and brix level during fermentation. Coffee is removed when the pH reaches 3.6.

Following fermentation, parchment is washed in clean water and laid on raised beds to dry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 22 days for parchment to dry. Once dry, parchment is bagged in Ecotact and rested in the on-site warehouse for 11 weeks.

Finca Aurora is one of the first farms in Nicaragua with a fully integrated coffee operation on-site. They produce, wash and dry the coffee at the farm. The coffee is milled, sorted and bagged at Beneficio Finca Aurora under the watchful eye of the farm’s team. This allows full control over the quality throughout the process. 

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