EL PENON guatemala
EL PENON guatemala

EL PENON guatemala

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quality carbonic natural maceration
farm el penon
altitude 1450 to 2050 masl.
town  Aldea Chichinabaj
variety caturra - bourbon
taste notes fruity - cane sugar -tea style - floral

SCA score

87.00 pt.

the story of this coffee:

Owner Ivan Ovalle is laser focused on producing high quality, ecologically-friendly coffees at his farm, Finca El Peñón in La Democracia, Huehuetenango. Ovalle holds an engineering degree and has utilized his training to increase Finca El Peñón’s water efficiency and to ensure that workers pick only the ripest cherry with the highest sugar content.


The farm is 75 hectares, 15 of which are devoted to forest reserves, while the remaining 60 hectares are planted with Caturra, Pache and Bourbon.  

Harvest & Post-Harvest

Ovalle is meticulous about teaching workers to pick only ripe, red cherry at the exactly right moment. He’s used analyses of Brix degrees (sugar content) to find the optimal moment at which to pick cherry. Workers selectively handpick cherry according to their training.   

Finca El Peñón is dedicated to protecting the environment from any adverse effects of coffee growing. Ovalle has been focused on reducing water usage year after year and working with various certification programs to improve the farm’s environmental and social impacts.  

After selective handpicking, cherry is carefully sorted to select the best and most ripe cherry using visual inspection and flotation. Cherry that passes Ovalle’s high standards is laid on patios to dry in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight helps to speed up dehydration of the parchment and mucilage. Removing excess moisture as quickly as possible and turning drying parchment frequently can help prevent of drying defects such as phenol and mold.  

Cherry is turned frequently, especially during the first 3 to 4 days. During this time, workers go over cherry and remove any damaged cherry to ensure only the highest quality cherry reaches the ensuing stages. Cherry that passes the test is then transferred a greenhouse covered with plastic sheeting, where it will dry on raised beds for an additional 13 to 15 days. In total, cherry takes approximately 18 to 20 days to dry.  

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) specifies the altitude at which the coffee was grown. A coffee must be grown at 1,200 meters above sea level or higher to be considered SHB. The higher altitude and lower temperatures mean that the coffee fruit matures more slowly, creating a denser bean.  

European Preparation (EP)

EP stands for European Preparation. EP beans are Screen 15+ with a low defect tolerance. 

Coffee in Guatemala

Guatemala boasts a variety of growing regions and conditions that produce spectacular coffees. Today, the country is revered as a producer of some of the most flavorful and nuanced cups worldwide. We are proud to work with several exceptional in-country partners to bring these coffees to market.

The Guatemalan coffee industry experienced a major setback with the 2010 appearance of Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) in Latin America. The epidemic peaked in severity in 2012, and though CLR continues to affect some farms, Guatemala continues to produce high-quality, record-breaking coffees. In 2017, new and varied processing methods pushed prices at the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence contest to record highs.

The quality of coffee being produced in Guatemala is increasing, overall, due to the diversity of the industry’s producers. There are more and more small holder farmers producing exceptional coffee at high altitudes. Cooperatives are becoming more appealing to so many smallholders because they often offer farmers financing and other support for improving their farming and processing and are frequently able to offer higher prices for cherry than middlemen. Many cooperatives have initiated quality improvement training for farmer members and are becoming more adept at helping members market their coffee as specialty.


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