FINCA SAN ANTONIO       el salvador
FINCA SAN ANTONIO       el salvador


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quality natural process - frozen cherry
farm san antonio
altitude 1200 masl.
town  amatepec
variety yellow icatu
taste notes

SCA score

84.50 pt.

the story of this coffee:

Our Yellow Icatú grows on the portion of our farm that used to be a theme park (yes, really!). We refer to it as the Train Lot as it's located within what used to be the park's old train ride. Our Yellow Icatú has adapted incredibly well to this area and is currently thriving and living its best life! Once it's ripe, it turns a beautiful shade of yellow with brown specs (think of a ripe banana) and is selectively picked. 

The process

Once the coffee is picked, it is naturally dried on our patios and supervised by one of our most esteemed collaborators, Don Rogelio. Our patios are located right within the farm and receive plenty of fresh breezes. From our patios, you can see San Salvador's historic city center to the left, and beautiful lake Ilopango to the right. This breeze creates a natural balance between the direct sunlight and allows coffee to dry gently under the sun. Once dried, our coffee is bagged and sent to our parter mill's warehouse for safe storage. Their warehouses are kept clean and tiny, with an incredible organization system that guarantees full traceability. Once an order is made, the coffee is processed and shipped from the mill. Our coffee is continuously cupped by certified Q Graders in order to guarantee safe storage and optimum quality.

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