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Collection: Filter Coffee Roasting

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Filter Roast:

  1. Roasted to a lower final temperature and for a shorter period of time
  2. Presents a clearer picture of a coffee’s taste as there is far less “roast” flavour interfering
  3. Creates a sweeter cup of coffee (the coffee is less caramelized and white sugar is sweeter than caramel)
  4. Can be brewed in a drip machine, french press, etc., but is not recommended for use in an espresso machine (filter roast pulled on an espresso machine can result in a very sour cup)
  • JESUS BARAHONA geisha - colombia
  • CASCAVEL VERDE espresso - brazil
  • FINCAMIGOS geisha / sudan rume - colombia
  • KABYINIRO anaerobic - rwanda
  • KIUNYU A.A - kenya
  • JHON WILMER natural - colombia
  • URAGA GUJI anaerobic - ethiopia
  • RARO GUJI carbonic - ethiopia

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